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7 reasons why online shopping is better

    “Worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach $2.290 trillion in 2017, making up 10.1% of total retail sales. This share will surpass 16% by 2021, when sales will hit $4.479 trillion.”

You are at home or at a workplace and thinking about a new item youre really in need but don’t have time for it?
What to do?
Well, online shopping has more than 7 benefits for You.                                                                                                

Saves time: Its easy to save Your time by categorizing the items. For example, if you do online shopping from jewelry shop, you might put in each item on your shopping list and then choose among them. When we’re in the jewelry store, we see many things that were not interested in buying them anyway. So, this case, we're not intented to waste our time.
Refunds and money back: During earlier days, online shopping was always associated with the taboo that it is too you may receive defected products. But that’s not true anyway.
Cash on delivery is the most chosen option by people and if you receive any defected products or something that doesn’t matches the description of the product, you can easily get it exchanged or your money is returned back to you. For example, Online retailers commonly give you a delivery date when you are paying and You should be too careful to remember estimate and delivery times, because these may be different.
Prices and discounts: There is sales fluctuate throughout the year. According to Lifehacker. The number one reason why shopping online is great has to be those massive discounts we get.
For example it is more probable to find discounts in November and January on Tuesdays and Thursdays. March is the worst month for finding discounts.
Apart from the heavy discounts, the products that are sold online are sold at lower prices in comparison to another markets. When the manufacturers set up their own website, there are no middlemen involved in the shopping process which tends to sell the product with higher prices. Apart from the clothing and shoes, you get books and gadgets at considerably lower prices too. So, saving money will make You happy.
No long Queues: Venturing from store to store and driving yourself to places takes up most of your time and you might find the long queues at the billing counter. Also, the trial room queues are long, putting you off the shopping mood. Now, you don’t need to waste Your time.
Comparison of Prices: Online shops think about your comfort and make it easy to compare with products and prices. They search for reviews of your products. They compare price, quality and customer service and they can do it all online.
Shop Worldwide: One of the most important reasons why people like shopping online is the fact that they can shop Worldwide.You need only a phone, a computer or your tablet, sitting in your room with a mug of coffee and internet connection. No matter where You are at that moment the World largest markets are in Your hand. Don
t you want to take the advantage and feel crazy like Youre in the center of Paris?
Delivery feature: The best part of shopping online is its doorstep delivery feature. A few clicks and few days later your doorbell rings and you have your product. The retailers take extra care of the product to be undamaged. There is also some sites that provide you with free delivery and free shipping.
Take care of reviews: Product reviews can be incredibly helpful when you’re making online purchases. They can tell you about product
s real look. The way it does in photos or how it looks on You can be vary but reviews can give You valuable info about fit. Take care of patterns and size charts.
Sometimes You can contact with the customers, discuss with them and have their opinion about Your favorite item. Believe them.


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