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Advanced Sorting for Magento 2

Recently we launched a new extension for Magento 2.

Advanced Sorting extension allows customers to sort the products on product listings by 6 new options. Let’s say thay want to see the Best Sellers first, or they are more interested in New Products, or they are looking for Discounted Products. Top Rated and Review Count sorting options will help them to buy the product based on customer feedback (reviews and ratings). So customers will not be lost in huge product listings, which usually happens to most of the online stores. This will lead to more sales and less abandoned carts.

Here are the sorting options provided by this extension:

  • Best Seller – Products will be sorted by quantity of sales
  • New Products – Products will be sorted by the date of creation
  • Biggest Saving – Products will be sorted either by Discount Percent or Actual Discount Difference – Depending on “Use Percentage for Biggest Savings” value
  • Top Rated – Products will be sorting by average rating
  • Reviews Count – Products will be sorted by approved reviews count
  • Most Viewed – Products will be sorted by the number of visits



  • Exclude the “Position” as a sorting option, which is provided on Magento by default
  • Add/delete/edit sorting options
  • Change the default label for each sorting option. (For each Store View)
  • Best Sellers Data Source – Select the source of the bestsellers data (Magento Reports or Real Time)
  • Bestsellers Period – Choose the period for bestsellers data. Can be choosen to show data for current year, month or day
  • Most Viewed Period (days) – The period for which the product views will be counted when sorting by view count.
  • Use either Discount Percentage or actual price difference for Biggest Saving sorting option.


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Username: yereone Password: yereone1234

Get the advanced sorting extension for Magento 2 on Magento Marketplace .


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