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Amazon patents a mirror that let You try on clothes

Do you hear about Amazon mirror patent for trying on virtual clothes ? And Do You remember the last time You were about to make a buying decision but something has kept  You away from closing?  The reason why You give up on making purchase is that You dont have the possibility to try a dress on. It is everyones desire to try on before buying.

Evan the fanatic online buyers have difficulties while buying online. The following questions is always running to every online buyers mind. What if it does not suit me, or if it would even fit?

Your dream of being in a virtual cloakroom soon will become into reality. You may try Your preferred dress on as You are in a big mall with beautiful mirrors in fitting room, moreover, You may see if it looks beautiful on beach, at club, at the restaurant or at home…

The amazon mirror patent describes the mirror as partially-reflective and partially-transmissive, and uses a mix of displays, cameras, and projectors to create the blended image. The imagined mirror scanns the environment, identifies the face and eyes of the user to determine which objects are to be seen as a reflection. Once this process is completed, the virtual clothes and scene are transmitted through the mirror to create the blended-reality result.

Nowadays, Amazon provides a pleasant shopping experience for online shoppers. Buying online will become easier and convenient than before. Amazon mirror patent allows You to try Your favorite dress on before buying, in order to make sure that it suits You well.

Amazon has been aggressively building up companies in the fashion industry, including creating its own clothing lines and developing algorithms that design apparel based on Instagram fashion trends. Overall, an Amazon-branded mirror that assists you in getting dressed isn’t as strange as it may have appeared at first. However, based on the technology detailed in the patent, this won’t be a cheap system. Cameras and face-tracking technology would be utilized, according to Amazon, to guarantee that the displayed image is effectively blended regardless of the angle from which the consumer is seeing it.

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