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What is Magento PWA Studio? Why you must have it?

We are so excited to share with you this important information about Magento PWA Studio! This is just a great innovation. Keep reading to learn why!
Obviously Magento 2.3 has got many new features though the most expected feature is Magento Progressive Web App Studio. At the end of the article, you will also have the chance to see how Magento PWA Studio looks like and works!
But firts let’s understand what a Progressive Web App is.

magento pwa

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)

A Progressive Web App (PWA), is a web application that uses modern web technologies and design patterns to provide a great user experience.

A Progressive Web App is the next big innovation.

The mobile applications that load and run in a web browser will bring all the advantages of native mobile applications.

There is no need to download an app, besides it can work anywhere, including areas with poor network connections.

PWA is written in the languages of the Web — HTML, CSS, JavaScript: it loads itself, installs and runs code on the mobile device. This app can act like a native app on mobile.


Basic and the Most Amazing Features of PWA


Now let’s mention some of the most amazing features of PWA.

SEO and Desktop Friendly: Actually major search engines have mechanisms of crawling the JavaScript of a PWA site. PWA can be developed responsively to support different screen sizes across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Fully Responsive: Progressive web apps are fully responsive and offer the same experience to a tablet or a mobile user.

Faster Browsing: Loading time of a Progressive Web Application is 2–3x faster than loading time of a responsive website

Secure: PWA websites use HTTPS connection

Works Offline: PWA websites cache content and some content can be served when a user is offline.

Push Notifications: PWSs give the opportunity for marketers to send real-time push notifications. It is clear that when a user gets notification he/she is way more interested to open the

Easy Installation: PWAs can be easily installed by just visiting a website and adding it to the some screen

Easy update: PWAs are essentially websites, they also are easier to update without requiring users to download and install an upgraded version of an app

Low Data Usage: PWAs use only a fraction of data compared to a native mobile app

Sharable: PWAs can be easily shared via a URL as each PWA page has a unique URL

Now let’s find out what is the Magento PWA Studio project?

Basic and the Most Amazing Features of PWA


Magento PWA Studio

Why Magento Website Owners need it


The Magento PWA Studio project is a suite of tools for building online stores with app-like experiences on top of Magento 2.3 and above.

Magento PWA will be really good both for Magento website owners and their customers.  Website owners that lunch Magento PWAs are already seeing promising results. The website owners will save money as there is no need to create different apps for Android and IOS users: Magento PWA will work both for Android and IOS.

Customers are going to love this innovation too, because Magento PWA brings a higher speed and can be used offline. Besides customers don’t need to visit play market or play store to install the app. They won’t have to wait for pages to reload and in checkout page they won’t have to wait to do an order. Isn’t it amazing?

This means that Magento PWA will provide a really good conversions.

We are providing Magento PWA Development service for those who want high-quality work and amazing results with affordable price! Still wonder how does the Magento PWA look like in action? Click here to see the  demo of a Magento based shop and the demo of our website in action. The demo is created by our team, based on PWA Studio tools and practices. Do you need more information about Magento? Do you think it is high time to migrate your website to latest Magento version and to have PWA? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are experienced Magento eCommerce Development Company and we know how to make it work.

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