eMotion Logo Design

Project overview

eMotion is a tech startup. Our client wanted a simple, yet attractive logo design for his company.
Client indicated word associations, such as innovation, technology, reliability, support. Also, the client wanted to highlight the “E” and “M” letters.

We chose the triangular geometric shapes, because the triangle has powerful associations. Incorporated into a logo, it can symbolize “looking beyond” or inspiration, a significant change (innovation) or a significant movement (transportation). Note that many automobile makers use a triangle or three elements to describe their products.

As a three-sided polygon, the triangle represents the number three, which is manifestation tool in marketing. As such, triangles and other symbols made of three parts may be used to represent such concepts as past, present and future, or spirit, mind and body.
The brown colour highlights the reliability which is important for tech startup to attain customers satisfaction.

The supportive meaning of brown colour is important for them as well, since our client wanted to imply that they provide 24 hour customer technical support.

logo design

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