Magento Extension Development

We provide high quality Magento extension development services for both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x platforms.

The fact Magento is a full-featured eCommerce platform in known to all of us. Still to keep it styled as per the latest requirements you need to plug it with extra features that comes to us in the form of third-party extensions. Magento Provider assists you in making your online store ever more powerful utilizing these extensions and keeping your website updated.

What are Magento Extensions and why do we need them?

Extensions are used to extend the core functionlity of Magento store. It may be a slider, homepage banner, 3-rd party integration or caching system. We will create the extensions as per client’s requirements, or we can also suggest our points. We can also modify existing extensions, which you have bought from Magento Connect or other Magento marketplaces. You may wish to change their functionlity, apearance or just add few new things. Whatever it is, our Magento experts will do it in a professional way. We have done a lot of Magento Extension development projects-starting from small frontend modules from complex payment Modules.
We create extensions for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 platforms.

How we do that?

While going for conscious extension development, we first ensure what functions go missing on your eCommerce store. We then compile a list of all those operations and create extensions that work effectively outside the core of actual Magento build for your site.


Quality, security and robustness are all major factors which help our extensions achieve successfully for our clients. As developers of the Magento platform, we know the quality of Magento extensions can vary in quality and support. We aim to develop our extensions to a high level by using consistent code and standardization. This ensures all our produced extensions showcase a high quality standard and benefit for our customers in long term.

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