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Do you want to increase your profits and take your online shop to the next level? Are you thinking about moving your Magento store to Progressive Web Application? You are in the right place! Our certified developers are ready to help you.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for Magento website

Now the key question – what will Progressive Web Application give you?

  • Reduce page load times by 300%
  • Increase user time on your site
  • Boost your conversions and sales
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase your organic search traffic
  • Ability to save it on home screen and use it whenever you want

PWA Main advantages and Key Features

Faster Page Load

Studies show that , 53% of users leave the site for being too slow, you won’t have this issue with a PWA. Loading time of a Progressive Web Application is 2–3x faster than loading time of a responsive website. Your website will get from 90 to 100 scores on PageSpeed Insights

Push notifications

PWSs give the opportunity to send real-time push notifications. Notify your customers that their items have been shipped, or just notify other users about promotions. Customers will have additional motivation to open the app and use it, increasing your conversions up to 4 times.

Fully Responsive

PWAs are fully responsive and offer the same experience to a tablet or a mobile user.

SEO & desktop friendly

Major search engines have mechanisms of crawling the JavaScript of a PWA site. PWAs have URLs and can be crawled and indexed by the search engines.

Works offline

PWAs cache content and some content can be served when a user is offline.

Sharable content

PWAs can be easily shared via a URL as each PWA page has a unique URL


PWAs are served through HTTPs ensuring safety in content delivery and content interaction, so they are fully secured

Easy Installation: Home Screen Save

Potential customers are able to add your PWA to their Home screen directly from the browser, so they are a lot quicker to deploy. Just add it to your screen like an ordinary app.

Works across all devices

PWAs adjust to all devices and work all operating systems

Low Data Usage

PWAs use only a fraction of data compared to a native mobile app

Yereone has recently launched a Magento PWA demo.

We’ve used PWA Studio to create this demo.


Magento PWA Development

Magento PWA Development

Magento PWA is the next big innovation and you should get it while it's still new and stay ahead of the competition. Actually it is the best choice for your Magento store. Progressive Web Application is the future of online stores, it will provide a really good conversion. PWAs are more affordable to create and maintain than native apps.

To know more about Magento PWA and to realize how important it is, you need to check our article.

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