“Mood.am” eCommerce website Design

Mood.am – Gifts for Good Mood

Project overview

Mood.am is our new creative project. Our talented team of Magento developers, website design and marketing specialists handle in this project from the idea generation till the implementation. We provide our client with Magento consulting services, creative logo design services, marketing and SEO services. We develop Magento eCommerce platform, as well as we create unique responsive website design which helps them increase their profit and boost online sales.
Our goal is to create a unique, easy to use platform, which will make the clients find original gifts for them and their friends in a very easy way.
It is generally believed that sometimes it is time consuming to find wonderful gifts with an affordable price, but Mood.am offers you very contemporary, unique Magento eCommerce platform, which can make you happy while shopping online.
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How we did that ?

First of all, our team of Magento designers started to think deeper about the idea, understand their mission and vision.
Their slogan is “Gifts for good mood”. The main point of this store is gift.
Our designers bring the idea of gifts and presents into creative logo design.
We choose yellow because yellow is the happiest of colors.
The gift itself is joy and yellow implies truly joyous and radiant feeling of the person who get present, by the way yellow is the most noticeable color by the human eye.
Secondly, we did the fully package of branding which includes; business card design, shopping bag design, tagline design, creative banners design, responsive website design. The website design is also yellow and a little gray. Website design is responsive (user friendly) and it has home page, category pages, product pages, about us, shipping, blog, payment, refund policy, and contact us pages.
Another significant factor of this project is that we dealt with social media marketing and SEO campaign.
We provide customer support service on social media platform (facebook, Instagram) and on website.
We like the feeling when our customers are happy with the services we provide.

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