Magento 3-rd Party integration

Shipping and Payment methods are one of the most important parts of the any eCommerce website or application.

They let the customers select which way the product should get to them and how they are going to pay.
We integrate different kinds of shipping methods. For example Fedex, DHL, UPS, USPS, etc. We can build custom shipping methods as well.
Though Magento comes with few integrations, like PayPal, Fedex, etc, sometimes you will need to do other integrations as well.
Payment methods vary from Money/check method to Credit Cards.

In order to provide an ultimate seamless experience to your customers, it is necessary that your Magento eCommerce store is cohesively integrated with a wide spectrum of back-end systems such as CRM, Accounting, Order Management, Warehouse, ERP, Fulfillment, Search/Personalization, Analytics, POS, as well as call center systems.

Few of the integrations

  • Payment methods (Paypal,, etc)
  • Shipping methods (DHL, Fedex, etc)
  • Marketplaces(Ebay, Amazon, etc)